EBI and The SeaCleaners publish Guide on Responsible Boating on World Water Day Brussels, 22 March 2024

On World Water Day, European Boating Industry (EBI) and The SeaCleaners are proud to announce the publication of “The Guide on Responsible Boating”. This comprehensive guide is a call to action for boaters worldwide to be involved combatting plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways.

Since 2016, The SeaCleaners has been at the forefront of the battle against plastic pollution, working to reduce waste on land and at sea through awareness-raising activities, scientific research, and waste collection programs. EBI, representing the European boating and nautical tourism industry, advocates for a sustainable boating sector and works with industry and boaters to take an active role in combatting plastic pollution. With the publication of this guide, both organisations aim to empower boaters to take proactive steps in protecting marine ecosystems. The two organisations have been closely collaborating since 2020.

The Guide on Responsible Boating provides practical recommendations for boaters to minimise their environmental impact while enjoying their passion for water. From reducing plastic consumption to participating in waste collection efforts, they are encouraged to take an active role in preserving the oceans for future generations.

Stéphanie Poey, The SeaCleaners Education hub global manager: “We are proud to partner with EBI, a key player in the boating industry, to get this message across: recreational boating has an environmental impact that is often underestimated. Every trip out to sea has consequences for the marine ecosystem and the planet. By adopting the actions set out in this guide, boaters can help preserve the ocean and sail in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.”

Philip Easthill, Secretary-General at European Boating Industry commented. “We are proud to partner with The SeaCleaners in advocating for responsible boating practices. It is our duty to protect and preserve our marine environments for future generations to enjoy. With this guide, we provide a tool that charter companies, marinas and other companies can provide to their customers to advance their environmental protection efforts.

EBI represents the recreational boating industry in Europe. It encompasses all related sectors, such as boatbuilding, equipment manufacturing, marinas and service providers. The industry is a significant contributor to the European economy, representing 32,000 companies, predominantly SMEs that employ over 280,000 people directly. The mission of EBI is to advance and represent a sustainable boating and nautical tourism industry #MadeInEurope. More information on EBI’s website:

About The SeaCleaners Created in 2016, the NGO The SeaCleaners acts against plastic pollution, both at sea and on land, through corrective and preventive missions. As an observer member of IPCC, UNEP, UNFCC, the CBD and supported by the Albert II Foundation of Monaco and the CCI France International network, The SeaCleaners has set itself objectives that revolve around four areas:

• The protection of the environment with the collection of floating waste with its Mobula boats and the collection of waste on land with our teams of volunteers;

• Education and pedagogy, with the development of awareness-raising activities for the populations affected, the general public and decision-makers; • Scientific research;

• Promotion of the transition to a circular economy.

In particular, The SeaCleaners is developing a pioneering solution for the collection and recovery of floating plastic macro-waste: the Manta, an innovative vessel equipped with an onboard plant, which will be launched in 2027. This giant of the seas will be the first deep-sea vessel capable of collecting and mass processing floating oceanic waste before it fragments and enters the marine ecosystem on a longterm basis.

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